Choosing our Puppy

Some people make the mistake in thinking one puppy is very much like the next. In fact by the time our puppy comes to live with us he will be a unique individual ready to react to life in his own individual way.


This will be due to his own particular genetic make up and the experiences he has already encountered whilst with his litter brother and sisters. Research also tells us that the experiences that Blue, his mother encountered whilst pregnant will also have influenced the neurological development of our puppy. These influences range from diet through to the stress and anixiety she encountered during the gestation period. This tells us that from the moment of conception his health both physically and neurologically will have been heavily influenced by our breeder. This is why choosing the right breeder is so important.

His genetics will be the blueprint for his behaviours. Our ancestors over generations selectively  bred dogs for useful traits for particular types of work. Our puppy Border Collie will have a predisposition towards a set of inherent behaviours typical of the breed. These inherited predispositions will form the raw material that we will be working with to make the best of our puppy.

During the early development of breeds the main attribute was their working ability rather than their looks. In more recent times it has become the predominant requirement to breed dogs that are “typical” of the breed in appearance alone for the show ring. Physical appearance has become the significant driver in success in the show ring. Only the most caring show breeders are concerned about  maintaining the working ability, genetic health, and temperament of their stock. Nowadays many of our pet dogs come from show stock.

There are still Border Collies that are bred to work, this is why we decided on our ISDS registered puppy. The working Border Collie is an intelligent breed that require plenty of exercise. They are energetic, have a high work ethic and enjoy plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

The mistake many people make is choosing a dog because of the way they look rather than considering how it is likely to behave. Choosing a puppy with the right genetic makeup that suits the reason you want a puppy will help to ensure that your mature dog meets your expectations. Choosing a dog with a high work ethic and then not finding the time to meet its genetic needs ends up with the dog driving their owners mad and the dog demented in the process. A situation so often seen in Rescue Kennels.

Having previously owned and worked Border Collies in Search and Rescue has given us the experience to plan the future training and socialisation for our puppy and ensure we obtain our puppy from a breeder we can have confidence in.




The Beginning

As we have a purpose for having a new puppy to share our lives with we contacted Denwyn Border Collies. I knew that the puppies they bred would  fulfil this purpose but more about this later.

Visiting their website illustrates the experience they have in breeding and working Border Collies. The care they show in meeting the health and welfare needs of their dogs and puppies is very evident. The videos show both the motivation and tenacity their dogs have to work. So often these days this tenacity and motivation to work has sadly been bred out of many of the working breeds our ancestors bred.

Our puppy was born on the 31st January so eight weeks to wait but we will be able to  see the litter shortly.

Blue Mum
Our Puppy’s Mum Blue.


Denwyn Jim Sire to our puppy.


Bute Blues Mum
Bute, Blues Mum