Keeping up with Drifter

In the last few weeks Drifter has continued to experience and enjoy a wide variety of situations and environments. We have been making the most of this critical time for socialisation before the fear of novel experiences begins to outweigh the interest in new activities. Play has become a strong emotional need in his life, finding new and mentally stimulating games to play with him has been both fun and satisfying.

We have noticed chewing and mouthing behaviours becoming more common in recent weeks, these natural behaviours facilitate teething and aids environmental exploration. We are making sure that appropriate chew toys are available so his needs can be directed onto these.


Over the last few weeks Sue has been doing some training with Drifter and she has taught him to sit, wait, lay down, “leave it” and he is starting to walk on a loose lead. Early stages but we are already getting a positive response to his daily training.

As Drifter matures he is now becoming better able to concentrate and learn. At this age he has a strong willingness to please and in the coming weeks we will make sure we use this to the full to aid his learning and training. Next week we will be starting puppy classes so he begins to learn with distractions and further develop his social skills. He continues to amaze us in his ability to learn and adapt to life.

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